The end of the school year is here! That means it is time to share information about accessing library databases and other resources while school is out for summer.

If you are a not graduating this April, most of your access database remains the same over the summer. But there are a few things you should know:

If you are doing paid work for a law firm, don’t use your Westlaw account: You can use Bloomberg Law and Lexis+ as much as you want, but Westlaw does not allow students to use their law school accounts for paid client research. You can use Westlaw to learn about an area of law though. But always check with the law firm you are working for first. They may want you to use their Lexis+ or Westlaw account to do research so they can track the work you do for clients. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the firm’s policy before you start work on any projects.

If you are doing research for a law professor, externship, or non-profit: You can use Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, and Lexis+ as much as you want. 

Quimbee and other law library databases: Law students continue to have access to other law library and BYU databases over the summer, including Quimbee, HeinOnline, ProQuest Legislative Insight, etc. For assistance, contact any law librarian or Iantha Haight.

Prepping for job interviews and clerkships: You can use websites like Law360, Bloomberg Law, and Lex Machina to study up on law firms or American Bench and the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary to research judges.

Graduating students: Graduating law students have access to Lexis+, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law for six months after graduation (or for Lexis, until December 31, 2024). Make sure you sign up for extended access when you receive an email from the company. Westlaw access reduces from 180 hours per month to 60 hours per month for graduates. Lexis+ users lose access to the new AI research tool on July 1st, so make sure you try it out before then.

Graduating students have access to Quimbee and other law library databases until July 31, 2023. Email Iantha Haight if you are taking the bar in February 2025 and would like extended access to Quimbee. More information is available on the Law Library website (click here to view), or email Iantha Haight with questions.