One of the questions we often get from students is whether they can access resources like Westlaw and Lexis during their jobs and externships over the summer.  The answer depends on the restrictions set by each vendor.

Westlaw – Westlaw requires students to extend their passwords for the summer.  Westlaw does not allow use of academic accounts for “research conducted for a law firm, corporation or other entity (unrelated to law school) that is paying you to conduct said research or that is passing along the costs of said research to a third party.”  Usage for academic purposes, including unpaid public externships, are still allowed.  More details are provided on the password extension page linked above.

Lexis Advance – Lexis, on the other hand, allows students to use their academic accounts for academic and commercial purposes during the summer.  So, students should feel free to use Lexis at any job or externship this summer.  (Commercial uses are not allowed during the school year.)

Bloomberg Law – Bloomberg allows students to use academic accounts for any purpose during the summer (and during the school year), as well as six months after graduation.

Law Library Resources – Wherever you are this summer you will still have access to all the Law Library resources available remotely from our Databases and Links page.  These resources are available for academic use.  If you are nearby you will still have access to our wonderful print collection, including a number of great legal treatises that might help you with your research.  We also have two computer terminals near the reference desk that offer Westlaw Patron Access and that can be used by anyone.

If you have any questions about the resources and help you can get this summer, don’t hesitate to contact us.