The last legal research classes of the semester will be held today.  While that’s likely welcome news for many, it means that the next research you’ll do is for your jobs and externships this summer.  Here is some information on the access you’ll have to the major legal databases.

Lexis Advance – Lexis recently announced that they would allow unrestricted access to Lexis Advance this summer.  That means you can use Lexis Advance in any job or externship, no matter who you are working for.

Westlaw/WestlawNext – Westlaw places limitations on the use of Westlaw/WestlawNext during the summer.  Students have to extend their password and agree to use their passwords for academic purposes.  The agreement has this to say about academic purposes: “‘Academic Purposes’ do include usage for purposes directly related to coursework at the Law School (including pro bono and public service program, unpaid public internships or externships that are part of graduation requirements or law school course credit) or for bar preparation purposes.“Academic Purposes” do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation or other entity (unrelated to law school) that is paying you to conduct said research or that is passing along the costs of said research to a third party. These are deemed commercial purposes.”

Bloomberg Law – Bloomberg Law allows unrestricted use of their legal research system during the summer.