As everyone gets set to head out to jobs and externships a question I’ve heard a lot is whether your Westlaw or Lexis student accounts can be used over the summer. The answer is “it depends.” Both Lexis and Westlaw allow summer use in certain situations. Both also require you to register for summer access. Below are the approved activities as outlined by the two companies. If you have specific questions about their application, feel free to get in touch with our reps, Jeff Brandimarte (Westlaw) or Kristy Ballard (Lexis).


If you are a law school student and want full access to the LexisNexis® services for the summer, you need to register for full summer access. You must participate in one of the following qualifying activities to be eligible for full educational access on your law school ID during the summer:

Class preparation and assignments

Research associated with moot court or law review / law journal

Research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship

Service as a research assistant to a professor (either paid or unpaid)

An unpaid internship / externship or clinic position for school credit

Bar Review

Clerkship for credit

Research skill improvement for educational (non-commercial) purposes


Summer law school classes

Law review or law journal work

Project for a professor

Moot court

Unpaid, nonprofit public interest internship / externship pro bono work required for graduation