The 1L briefs are in and now it’s time to turn our attention to oral argument. Some of the best preparation for oral argument is listening to excellent advocates perform arguments. A great resource for that is Oyez, which contains audio files of oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court. Currently Oyez contains a complete collection of audio files for cases heard during the 1981 term through the 2007 term along with selected cases back into the ’60s. That means you can even listen to Rex E. Lee.

The Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals also have audio files of oral arguments. You can listen to archived arguments or you can listen live when the court is hearing arguments.

An oral argument coming up this Thur., March 5, 2009 that may be of interest to you is that of the Proposition 8 cases before the California Supreme Court. Information for viewing the oral argument is available here.