Allow me to introduce you to our new scanner with document feeder in the 3rd floor copy room. Here’s an email that went out from our Director, Kory Staheli:

“As many of you are aware, University Print Services recently removed the photocopy machine on the third floor because it was too expensive to maintain. Two other photocopy machines remain available for student use. One is located in the copy room near the Circulation Desk and the other in the Reserve Reading Room on the second floor.

To accommodate those desiring to scan pages to PDF, I am pleased to announce that the law library has recently acquired a new high-speed scanner. Unlike the library’s other public scanners, this model is equipped with a document feeder that allows the scanning of multiple pages. It also has the capability of scanning both sides of a page simultaneously.

With this new scanner, students can convert unbound pages to PDF very quickly. A workstation attached to the scanner allows the material to be sent to a personal email account for printing. Books and other bound material will need to be scanned on the flat screen scanners in the reference area.

The new high-speed scanner is located in room 380A. Operating instructions have been placed on the bulletin board above the scanner, and additional assistance is available at the Reference Desk.”