This morning Salt Lake attorney Peter Stirba came to speak to the 1Ls about appellate advocacy. He focused on his recent occasion of arguing before the United States Supreme Court, an opporunity few Utah attorneys have had. For those interested you can take a look at the oral argument transcript as well as the Supreme Court’s decision in Pearson v. Callahan. (The audio files of the argument will be available at Oyez at some point in the future.) Here’s an opinion recap from SCOTUSBLOG, which Mr. Stirba referred to in his remarks (and which I agree is a great source of Supreme Court information). You’ll find more documents such as briefs, etc. at SCOTUS Wiki.

Mr. Stirba mentioned that his research uncovered the “consent once removed” doctrine that he relied on heavily. It turned out to be an important doctrine for his clients and emphasizes the importance of developing good legal research skills.