We have a new electronic resource for immigration research! ProQuest Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration is a great place to explore paper topics and start your research if you are doing your substantial writing or a law review article on immigration. You can review topics and get up to speed very quickly on how an issue has developed over time and significant legal developments. You can also find data to cite in your paper. However, this resource does not include case law. Use this tool to identify a topic and get background information before diving into law review articles and case law.

Designed for student researchers, ProQuest Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration is the first of a new series of databases from ProQuest that combine various primary sources to provide in-depth background on a single topic. Primary sources in this database include legislation, executive orders, CRS reports, hearings, GAO reports, data from the annual reports and the Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, newspaper articles, and press releases. Resources are organized by topic. Each topic has a brief summary of how the issue has developed over time and a timeline showing important events. There is also an overall timeline covering all of the topics. Topics include concepts, events, legal developments, and countries/geographic regions. Some of the topics available are:

Here is an example of a topics page: