A unique self-help resource in the BYU Law Library is a set of recent booklets about Utah law. We receive the booklets (which were originally CLE, or Continuing Legal Education, materials) from the Utah Bar. These are the most recent and Utah-specific materials we have.

Attorneys and non-attorneys alike may find these Utah-specific materials helpful. Normally, you could come into our law library, go into the Reserve Room, and browse the shelf, looking at the different topics and what year they are from (some might be older and out-of-date). You may be able to arrange to check out what you would like, even though you cannot enter the library. Email reference@law.byu.edu to request check-out access and set a time to receive the booklet in a contactless manner outside the law library.

To figure out what booklet may be helpful for you, you can search “national business institute” in our law library catalog to see the different options available. Additionally, you can look through the list I’ve made here. They are sorted by most recent and then alphabetically within the year.

Additionally, the BYU Law Library has one other series of books that are “self-help” for people doing their own legal work. This series is a national series, so it is not Utah-specific, but it is written in a very simple way and is easy to understand. These are the Nolo books located in the Reserve Room, on the first shelf when you walk in, down the shelf from the study aid materials. You may email reference@law.byu.edu to request checking out one of the Nolo books on your topic.