Indian Claims Insight

Indian Claims Insight is a database covering 1789- present that allows researchers to trace the history of specific claims made by Indian Nations and access associated full text documents.

The database includes compiled docket histories for searching full text content relating to each Indian claim such as:

  • Court documents
  • Citations to treaties, congressional documents, & maps

Compiled histories for Indian Nations/ Tribes include:

  • related treaties, maps and court documents
  • compiled pages that follow U.S. Indian removal policies and tribal efforts to seek redress.

The geographic indexing feature allows researchers to narrow searches to records of specific States and Territories.

Indian Claims Insight

Regulatory Insight

Regulatory Insight is an administrative law research tool that includes regulatory histories organized by public law.

Regulatory histories include:

  • Compilations of Federal Register notices
  • Proposed rules
  • Rulemaking process for specific Public Laws