100,000 downloads.  That was the milestone our digital repository hit last week.  Pretty impressive if you ask us.  The Howard W. Hunter Law Library Digital Collections, which debuted at the end of last summer, provides free access to a number of documents, including the complete archive of the Brigham Young University Law Review, the Journal of Public Law, the Education Law Journal and the Int’l Law and Management Review.  Digital Collections also has a large collection of Utah State Briefs that are added to daily, as well as other law school publications like the Clark Memorandum and the 3 volumes of the Life in the Law series.

Recently we’ve added a wonderful download map that shows what documents are being downloaded and from where.  Watching the balls drop can be addicting.  In the last few minutes we’ve had downloads of a BYU Law Review article from Shijazhuang, China, a UT Court of Appeals brief from Portland, Oregon, an Education and Law Journal article from Montreal, Canada, and a BYU Law Review article from Syracuse, New York.  The page resets when it’s opened, but leave it there for a few minutes and you’ll start to see the downloads.