The Law Library is always looking for new resources that will be valuable to researchers.  One of our most recent purchases is a database that will make federal legislative history research a less-daunting task than it has been previously.  The database is called ProQuest Legislative Insight and it brings together all the various legislative history documents for federal laws passed since 1929.  (This database is not fully complete yet and currently provides legislative histories for laws from 1953-1976 and 1997-2012.  Additions will be made on an ongoing basis.)

Legislative histories on this database can be searched by Public Law Number, Statutes at Large Citation, Enacted Bill Number, as well as by keyword and popular name.  Once a relevant legislative history is found, researchers have pdf access to all relevant legislative history documents.  I would highly suggest heading to ProQuest Legislative Insight first if your research takes you into federal legislative history research.

In addition to the link above, a link to this resource and other legislative history resources can be found on the law library’s Legislative History – Federal subject guide or on our A-Z list of recommended online resources.