On July 28th ProQuest Congressional launched its new interface. The fresh new look is both appealing and user-friendly.

New ProQuest Congressional

Some of the improvements include:

  • Home page:quick starting points to help new users connect with popular content
  • Search by Number: Organized to help users quickly locate the type of citation they are looking for
  • Date option improvements: the date limiter options now make it easier for users to limit their search to a range of years

The addition of social media content allows users to find posts by Senators, Representatives and Federal agencies from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and press releases.

ProQuest Congressional Social Media

Updated Bill Profiles allow users to view bill tracking graphics in their results. The profiles are easy to sort and filter and can be downloaded to spreadsheets. Bill texts and all related materials can be accessed by links. Each profile includes the bill’s status, a summary, all versions of the bill text, committees involved and a list of sponsors.

Bill Profile