This semester we have a team of 7 wonderful RAs who work on faculty research projects and assist students at the Reference Desk. Meet them and their diverse interests below!


William Bates (3L)

Is the RA supervisor, wants to do corporate transactional law after graduation, and crochets.


Moriah Beaver (3L)

Wants do to employment discrimination after graduation and should have been a soap opera star because she is a very graceful crier.


Diana Flores (3L)

Wants to do international law after graduation and likes to paint and travel.


Lauren Heperi (3L)

Wants to do copyright law after graduation and went bungee jumping in New Zealand last summer.


Eliza Crespo (2L)

Wants to do family law when she graduates, and the most fun fact about her is that she and her twin sister married a pair of best friends.


Simon McHenry (2L).

Wants to do criminal prosecution when he graduates and enjoys hiking.


Sarah Van Woerkom (2L)

Wants to do corporate law when she graduates and can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order really fast.