With submission season upon us, both law faculty and law students can submit to law reviews and journals. With so many options, how do you decide? Some look at the ranking of the law school that publishes the journal. Others find specialty journals that are well-regarded in their specialty field. There is also a fairly prominent ranking of law journals produced yearly by Washington and Lee. Accessible here, this ranking system analyzes how often articles from journals are cited by other articles, cases, etc. To check the ranking system for the journals, in box 1, select “Show: All.”

In box 2, select “Combined Score” and then hit “Submit.”

This will give you the list of the 300 ranked journals, including flagship law reviews and journals, as well as specialty law reviews and journals, in addition to a list of about 1200 more journals that are not ranked.

Law Students: If you would like to submit a paper from a class to law reviews and journals, talk to the supervising faculty member to get permission to set up an account that the BYU Law Library helps financially support so that you can submit to law reviews and journals at no cost.