When you click on the LexisNexis Digital Library link on the Law Library home page, you will now see an option to try the new version of the site or continue to the classic site. I recommend you try the new version. The primary reason to keep using the classic site is if you have annotations and notes stored on it. Any annotations you made on the classic version of the website will stay on the classic website and not be available on the new version until the classic version is phased out later this year. When the classic site is phased out, LexisNexis will migrate all annotations over to the new version.

The new landing page for the Digital Library is designed to give you a more personalized experience. Instead seeing all of the books available to you in the Digital Library, you will now see a customized page that shows you the books you have read and your annotations. This feature makes it easier to jump back to where you left off. To locate a new book, click on the browse library link on the left.

The need to “borrow” or “check out” a book has disappeared. All of the ebooks in our LexisNexis Digital Library are available to all BYU Law students and faculty with no limit on the number simultaneous uses, so the “borrow” feature has been eliminated. Simply click on a book you want to use. You can now limit searches to within a single volume, instead of being required to search an entire multivolume set. And soon the table of contents that appears on the landing page for a title will be linked to take you directly to the section of the volume you want to see.

There is now an app available that lets you conveniently and easily access the LexisNexis Digital Library on the go. When you download the app, you will be prompted to enter a library code, which is byulaw. When you log into the app, you will see all of the books we subscribe to. Get the app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Why use the LexisNexis Digital Library when the books in the LexisNexis Digital are also available in print version in the Law Library and in Lexis Advance? The LexisNexis Digital Library gives you is a more user-friendly ebook experience, and even more important, an experience that prepares you for legal practice. Many law firms and government legal offices uses LexisNexis Digital Library to subscribe to treatises and other law materials for their attorneys because it is more affordable than purchasing access in Lexis Advance and easier to share among multiple attorneys than a print copy. Give it a try!