Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break and recharged their batteries for the new semester. I thought I’d start off the year by plugging a few of our resources that many of you know about, but that can really be of great help to you throughout the semester.

The first is CALI. Many of you use CALI to help study for finals, but CALI can also be used to help clarify things during the semester. CALI has over 600 interactive, internet-based lessons on a variety of legal topics. BYU law students who need our school’s CALI authorization code can shoot me an email at neverss@law.byu.edu.

Another great resource is AudioCaseFiles. The Law Library’s subscription to AudioCaseFiles allows BYU Law students and faculty to download mp3 audio files of court opinions that are commonly read in law school classes. In the past year BYU law students have downloaded nearly 5,000 opinions from AudioCaseFiles.