The deadline for this year’s International Law and Technology Writing Competition sponsored by vLex has been extended to January 1, 2024. This competition seeks short, blog-style entries on one of the following topics:

  • Technology and Immigration
  • Technology and Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Technology and Industrial Action

The overall winner gets 1,500 English pounds, and there will be a winner for each subtopic as well. Entries should be lightly footnoted (at most) using links (no Bluebooking here), making it easy to enter. More information about entering is available on vLex’s website:

vLex is a platform for international legal research that recently merged with U.S. legal research tool Fastcase. The merger has backing from heavyweights like Bain Capital. Fastcase is available for free to attorneys through their state bar membership. vLex and Fastcase are among the cutting-edge leaders in the application of AI to legal research, with a rich dataset of U.S. and foreign law to use in LLM training. We have subscriptions to both; find them in Law Library’s A-Z Databases list.