The next time you log into Bloomberg Law, you will notice a brand-new homepage. The purpose of the new page is to provide users with a custom experience. Instead of a pre-selected slate of resources, you can populate the page with the resources you use most. Clicking on the box “+ Add popular links to your favorites” gives you a selection of twelve resources to choose from:

However, many popular and useful resources are not included in the box. To add additional resources, navigate to that resource in Bloomberg Law and click on the star in the upper-right corner, which will turn it blue and add it to your favorites on your home page. Here is an example (note the blue “Favorite” star):

Not everything I wanted to add to my homepage (such as Deal Analytics ) had the option to add to favorites, but most did. After selecting several resources, I ended up with a customized page that looks like this:

I like this new customization feature because now I can quickly navigate to the tools I use most instead of scanning through a list of preset resources. It is easy to use.

Law firm and government users of Bloomberg Law received access to the new custom homepage a couple months ago. This is a good opportunity to point out to law students that unlike Lexis and Westlaw, Bloomberg Law (if you have a subscription to it) will look exactly the same in your workplace as it does at the law school. The content and tools on the professional version of Bloomberg Law are the same as in our law school version. Westlaw and Lexis have different versions and bundled/a la carte content for firms, general counsel, and government organizations, so features and resources you have now may not be included in the professional version you get later. Just a reminder to learn the tools and how they work, but be mindful that you may need to pivot and substitute a different tool when you’re working.