Bloomberg Law has announced a writing competition for law students. Entries need to be 750 words and are due November 1st, 2023. Bloomberg Law will publish the winning entry on its website outside of the paywall and send the winner a swag bag. Here is the writing prompt from Bloomberg Law:

We invite students to choose an area of law and example of technology, then describe how that technology might be tested in courts–based on state or federal laws, regulations, or court precedent–and how those developments could update past practices or force a rethinking of the legal landscape entirely.

For instance, you might consider how cryptocurrency impacts securities law, how AI transforms or challenges employment law, how face-reading technology intersects with privacy rights, or the role biometrics plays in health-care law.

Rebecca Baker, Law Student Writing Contest: Intersection of Law and Technology

Consider entering if you have written or are writing a paper on law and technology as long as your paper has not been published somewhere else. Entrance essays only need to be 750 words. You are permitted to submit with one co-author. Make sure to give due attribution to others, but footnotes are not required. Hyperlinks are encouraged.

Email your entry to Rebecca Baker, Editor-at-Large, at with “Student Submission” in the subject line. For the complete rules, view the announcement on Bloomberg Law. Email librarian Iantha Haight if you have trouble logging into Bloomberg Law.