Information on summer access to Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law, and other Law Library databases.

Rising 2Ls and 3Ls

Students who will be returning to law school next fall have access to Westlaw during the summer but should not use their student account for paid positions at law firms. Paid research assistant work for law school faculty is permitted.

Students have unlimited summer access to Lexis+, Bloomberg Law, Fastcase and Casetext. These databases may be used for paid positions. Students working at law firms should ask about their firm’s billing and research tracking policies.

Students have summer access to library-provided databases including HeinOnline, Quimbee, Aspen Learning Library, AILALink and ProQuest Legislative Insight. If you have trouble with access or have questions about locating a suitable database for your research, email Iantha Haight or another librarian.

If you decided to complete a dual degree program such as a JD/MBA after you began law school, contact Iantha Haight so that your access can be extended through your 4L year.

Graduating Students

LexisNexis Graduate Access: Graduating students have access through December 31st, 2022. You can choose a free gift from Lexis as well, such as access to Law360 or an e-book treatise. If you will be working at a nonprofit, you can apply for an additional 12 months of free access to federal and state primary legal materials, law reviews, and Matthew Bender treatises through the ASPIRE program. Apply for the ASPIRE program here.

Westlaw’s Graduate Elite Program: Students who want an additional six months of access to Westlaw after graduation can opt into the Grad Elite program. Grad Elite gives you 60 hours of Westlaw access per month. It cannot be used to bill a client, but it can be used to study the law and prepare for the bar exam. Sign up for Westlaw Graduate Elite.

Bloomberg Law: Graduating students have access for six months after graduation.

Graduating students have access to other law library databases, including Quimbee, through July 31st after graduation. For more information about library access and resources for graduating students, see our web page, Library and Technology Services Available After Graduation.