BYU Law students now have access to the next generation of Westlaw — WestlawNext.  When signing in to Westlaw, you should now have access to both Westlaw and WestlawNext through links at the top of your screen.  WestlawNext offers a “Getting Started” video tutorial at the bottom of the home page that I recommend you take a look at.  Westlaw has also produced a document that compares Westlaw and WestlawNext.

I will post more about WestlawNext in the coming days, but here are a few things you should know up front:

1-Printing is not yet available from WestlawNext to the Westlaw printers at the Law School.  You will need to use regular Westlaw for that.

2-Not all of the content on Westlaw has been migrated to WestlawNext, but the major stuff is there. is not automatically being transitioned to WestlawNext in the law firms.  Firms and other employers must pay a premium over their current Westlaw contract to get WestlawNext.  That means many employers will still have access only to and not WestlawNext.