The BYU Law Library has recently purchased a subscription to Westlaw Patron Access, a version of Westlaw open to the public. Westlaw Patron Access is available on the middle of the three computers that are currently open to the public. Our Westlaw Patron Access subscription allows access to all federal and state cases and statutes, KeyCite, ALR, and AmJur (plus many different parts of the AmJur series, like forms and Causes of Action).

While this addition will certainly be of use to attorneys, pro se patrons, undergraduates, and others without Westlaw access, it can also be of use to law students. Law students needing to access Westlaw for non-academic purposes now have access to Westlaw through our Patron Access terminal.

Because our license agreement only allows for use on one computer terminal, we want to inform you of our policy for using the Patron Access computer. First, users of Patron Access will have first priority to use the designated computer. And second, usage of Patron Access is limited to 30 minutes when someone else is waiting.