The BYU Law Library Reserve Room is located on the main floor (which is the 2nd floor) of the library, in room 280 (near the Circulation Desk). It is surrounded on two sides by glass walls and is located directly behind three busts of Abraham Lincoln:


The room contains commonly-used texts, outlines, restatements, treatises, and so forth, as well as six months worth of newspapers.  Additionally, the room is home to the Benson Collection (donated by the family of Ezra Taft Benson), the Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Collection, and a current Utah law collection with past and current copies of the state code. The room also contains a flatbed scanner and a KIC book imager for scanning Reserve Room materials.

Reserve Room Policies

None of the books or resources found in the Reserve Room may leave the room. One exception to this rule is that study guides (identified by the pink “Study Guide” sticker) may be checked out by law students for two hours at the reserve window. Additional library policies may be found posted on the wall behind the scanning equipment.

Fun Facts

The glass walls of the Reserve Room are lined with what appear to be books. However, if you look closely, you will discover that these are actually just dust covers affixed to wooden blocks. These are examples of books that the library has in its collection but are likely not actually located in the Reserve Collection. If you are interested in finding one of these books, feel free to inquire at the Reference Desk or search in our catalog at https://lawlibrary.byu.edu/.

Written by: Henry Wright (2L and BYU Law Library Reference Assistant) and Annalee Hickman Pierson (Head of Reference and Faculty Services at the BYU Law Library)