While we spend a little time in 1L legal research talking about practice materials, it isn’t really enough to do the topic justice. But it’s worth your time to take a look at Lexis’s practice-oriented resource, Practical Guidance, which you can select from the diamond-shaped icon on the left-hand navigation menu on Lexis’s homepage:

Partial view of the primary left-hand navigation menu on Lexis+

Practical Guidance has lots of great resources including tools for in-house counsel and drafting merger agreements, and it just launched a new tool that can help law students doing clinic work, the Public Interest, Pro Bono, and Non-Profit Resource Kit. To locate, type “Public interest” into the search bar and select the kit when it appears in the drop-down menu below:

Screenshot of search bar in Lexis+ Practical Guidance

The kit is organized by topic, with topics ranging from housing issues and family law to immigration and even the management of non-profit organizations.

Screenshot of navigation menu for the Public Interest Resource Kit on Lexis+

The kinds of resources you can find include:

  • Direct links to relevant explanatory sections of treatises
  • State law survey tools that chart each state’s law on a specific issue
  • Practice notes that guide you on how to file a claim
  • Charts detailing complex immigration processes
  • Additional related resource kits within Practical Guidance.

Bloomberg Law and Westlaw’s Practical Law also contain these types of valuable practice-oriented resources. Please contact a librarian if you have any questions about locating these tools.