This evening, Sept. 18th at 7pm, Professor RonNell Andersen Jones will be participating in a panel discussion on the topic of Protecting Confidential Sources. The discussion will take place in Room B092 of the Joseph F. Smith Building. Here’s more:

“From Watergate and the Pentagon Papers to Iran-Contra and Abu Ghraib, journalists have used information from confidential sources to reveal illegal conduct by government. It is vital to our democracy that we protect the people who are the sources for the exposés that are reported in newspapers, magazines and books and broadcast in news programs on television and radio. Join Attorneys Jeffrey J. Hunt, M. Dayle Jeffs, and Law Professor RonNell Anderson Jones in a panel discussion on the reporter’s privilege and shield laws, and Utah Rule 509. Professor Ed Carter will moderate.”

This event is sponsored by the BYU Department of Communications and the MLRC Institute.

Download Professor Jones’ recent article Avalanche or Undue Alarm? An Empirical Study of Subpoenas Received by the News Media.