Last Wed. I led the Spirit in the Law Discussion on the topic, “Humble Lawyers: Can They Exist? Do They Exist? And How to Become One.” There were many helpful and interesting comments by those in attendance. I thought I’d share some of the articles I used (or thought about using) in case you’re interested. (Articles in the Clark Memorandum can only be linked to the issue level. You’ll need to scroll down to the appropriate page.)

Brett Scharffs, Centering on Humility, Clark Memorandum 2 (Winter 1998) (here)

Bruce C. Hafen, The Coriolanus Syndrome: Is it Virtuous to Be Obstinate?, Clark Memorandum 20 (Spring 1992) (here)

Douglas B. Richardson, A Case Study in Arrogance: Diagnosing and Addressing Lawyers’ Most Common Blind Spot, Report to Legal Management 4 (June 2006) (here)

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H. Reese Hanson, A Special Obligation, Clark Memorandum 17 (Fall 1999) (here)

Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Humble Lawyers: The Key to Pleasing Clients, In- House Counsel (Dec. 27, 2007) (here)

Lance B. Wickman, Soldiers of the Spirit, Clark Memorandum 2 (Fall 1995) (here)

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