In September, Stephen Colbert made news when he testified at a Congressional Hearing about farm laborers.  While that hearing may not be something you’ll need to find for a legal research project some day, there may be other hearings that require finding.  The Law Library has recently expanded its access to Congressional Hearings to include 2004-2010 (and the Colbert hearing).  This brings the library’s coverage of electronic Congressional hearings in pdf to 1824-2010.

These Congressional Hearings are available in the resource we’ve known as LexisNexis Congressional.  LexisNexis Congressional was recently purchased by Proquest and will now be known as Proquest Congressional.  (Unfortunately, we are currently in a messy phase where some of the product info. says LexisNexis Congressional and some says Proquest Congressional.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.)  You can find some good information for searching these hearings at Quick Start: Congressional Hearings Digital Collection.  Please null if you have specific questions.