It’s already been a busy week here at the law school, but industrious students who have logged into the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library (Examples & Explanations Series, etc.) to start studying will have noticed changes. Besides the new look, there are some new features:

  • 200+ Videos
  • Ability to customize
  • PDF and ePub file formats

The videos are written and delivered by lawyers and law professors and provide an overview/introduction of a broad topic of law (e.g., Introduction to Civil Procedure) or an in-depth discussion of a narrow topic (Business Organizations: Agency). I haven’t been able to watch any of the videos yet because the website is still buggy—I can’t see all of the videos that should be there, and the few that are there won’t play. There’s also an Audio series for Business Organizations. I’m hopeful that these videos and audio series will be good quality and offer another perspective and option for learning. The videos provide another option you can explore in developing your own learning strategy to supplement class readings and discussion.

If you’re logged into your individual account, you can save books to a book shelf of your own making (perhaps Winter Semester 2020, or Criminal Law) and access those books using the Bookshelf link in the top right corner. Create an individual if you haven’t yet by clicking on the dropdown menu arrow next to “Brigham Young University” in the top right corner and selecting “Personalize” and then “Register.” I encountered some problems at times accessing my individual account today, so watch out for that.

I’m also excited about another great feature that will be available in February: text-to-speech audio for all ebooks, so you can listen instead of read! Now these helpful study aids will be more accessible for everyone. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the bugs will be fixed soon.