Is data science a necessary part of research or a project you are doing? The library now has Stata, which is a software for statistics and data. With Stata, you can explore, visualize, and model your data results. It also gives you the ability to reproduce your statistics into reports. These reports will be publication-quality with Stata’s help. Stata is easy to use with features like data editing, variable management, graph editing, and SEM (structural equation modeling) diagram building. You can easily import data for faster, clearer analysis. Additionally, the program has comprehensive resources online for assistance, which include a use guide. The company has even made online tutorial videos for new users to make your experience as seamless as possible.

If you’re a law student or law faculty, contact the help desk about how to get the program on your personal computer or come down to the library to use it on one of our computers. You can use the reference computers located just past the reference desk. Just log on to the computer, find the Stata app in the control center or on the desktop, and launch it. If you’re a patron interested in using Stata, then you can head on into the library to also access Stata.

Written by: Brittney Herman (3L)