Lexis has just announced that law students will have unlimited access to Lexis Advance this summer.  That means you can use Lexis Advance for any type of legal work you will be doing this summer.  Previously Lexis has always had restrictions on summer access (as Westlaw to this point still does) on using their product in for-profit firms.  This will allow students another option for conducting research during the summer and (as I imagine Lexis hopes will happen with this announcement) will allow students to become more familiar with Lexis Advance.

Even though you will have unlimited access to Lexis Advance this summer, it’s still a good idea to practice researching effectively and efficiently.  These are skills that you will need to have when you’re researching on someone else’s dime.  That day will come, so get ready for it.  Here are a few tips on becoming a cost-effective researcher.

This is a good time to mention that Bloomberg Law also allows students to use their research platform for work-related purposes over the summer.  The Law Library also has subscriptions to Fastcase and Loislaw that can be used over the summer.