The American Inns of Court is a wonderful organization that allows students to rub shoulders with and learn from practicing attorneys and judges.  BYU law students interested in litigation should seriously consider applying for student membership in next year’s A. Sherman Christensen Inn of Court I.  If you need an application, email me at  The application deadline is Friday, April 11.

Our Inn meets once a month during the school year to eat dinner together and to discuss various aspects of the practice of law.  This is a great opportunity for students to hear first hand from attorneys and judges about important issues in a litigation practice.

BYU has a special tie to the American Inns of Court.  Chief Justice Warren Burger asked Dean Rex Lee and President Dallin Oaks to form the first Inn of Court.  After its initial success here, the Inns of Court program spread throughout the country.  Our Inn, the A. Sherman Christensen Inn of Court I, is recognized as the first Inn in the country.  You can read more about the history of our Inn in this Utah Bar Journal article by our Inn President, Isaac Paxman.

I hope all BYU Law Students will consider applying to be a part of this great program.