The Law School is lucky to have had the Utah Supreme Court with us this morning to hear arguments in two cases.  In the first case one of the attorneys referenced XChange and I wanted to make sure our students were familiar with this resource.  XChange is a repository of district court and justice court case information that is run by the Utah Courts.  XChange primarily provides summary information about the cases in these courts, but the full-text of district court public documents has become more available in recent years as e-filing has become required.

Many of our students should be familiar with PACER, the federal governments repository for federal court documents and information.  (And if you’re not, that’s something to look into.)  XChange is somewhat comparable to PACER for Utah, although the number of full-text documents is significantly less.

The Law Library has a subscription to XChange that can be used by BYU Law students and faculty for academic purposes.  Those that need access can contact the Reference Desk.  BYU Law studetns and faculty who need XChange for non-academic purposes or members of the public who need access to XChange should contact their local district court to find out if they have a public XChange terminal available.