Attendees of the Rex E. Lee Moot Court Competition Finals were encouraged  to listen to the Supreme Court oral arguments of great Supreme Court advocates like Rex Lee, Paul Clement, and Seth Waxman to help develop their advocacy skills.  Supreme Court oral argument audio can be found on the Supreme Court’s website back to 2010, but to find anything older than that you’ll need to check the Oyez website .  With Oyez you can find 7,000 hours of oral arguments all the way back to 1955.  Oyez also arranges oral arguments by case, justices, and by attorney.

The arrangement by attorney is not the easiest to navigate, but I’ve found that if you start typing in the last name, first name of an attorney in the search box you will get a drop down that shows the advocates name.  Clicking on that and scrolling down you will see cases the attorney argued as well as a link to an advocate profile page.  Here are the profile pages for Rex Lee, Paul Clement, and Seth Waxman. (The formatting of these pages isn’t great, but you’ll find the links below pictures.)  Warning – it’s easy to get sucked into these oral arguments and spend a lot of time here.  More about the Oyez project and its history can be found here.