Bloomberg Law is a database that includes lots of useful resources but is best-known for its practical tools (e.g. practice area guides and manuals) and its court docket records, including access to court documents. It has all federal courts and some state court records.

But something very important to remember and not skip, especially for a case that is timely, is to update the docket you are looking at on Bloomberg Law. To do this, you can see when the docket is “current as of” and if it isn’t that day, click “Update Docket” so that you can make sure you have everything on the docket that has actually been filed in the case. By doing this, you should always have access through Bloomberg Law to what is available on PACER, at a cheaper price on the library’s budget.

All BYU Law students and faculty can have their own accounts to Bloomberg Law. Contact Iantha Haight at to set yours up if you don’t have one yet!