One week of finals down, a few more days to go.  Good luck to everyone studying hard!  Don’t forget that the Law Library has a number of great resources and services to help you finish strong.

When finals are finished you’ll all be heading off to put into practice what you’ve been learning here.  Legal research is definitely one of those things you’ll be doing this summer–likely something you’ll be doing quite a bit.  To help get you ready I thought I’d pass along a few things I’ve written just for students on legal research.  They’re quick reads, but hopefully they’ll jog your memory and put you in a legal research frame of mind.  Each of these was published in the ABA’s Student Lawyer magazine, which has a lot of great stuff for students.  I especially recommend Bryan Garner’s column on legal writing.

Observations for Summer Research Success

Legal Research: Becoming a Cost-Effective Researcher

Smart Researchers Save Time by Starting with Legal Treatises

Legal Research: Litigation Practice Materials

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Statutes

Citators: The Power Tools of Legal Research

Legislative History: The Search for Legislative Intent

Legal Research: Transactional Law Research