Law students are now well into their summer jobs and externships and we hope it’s going well.  Don’t forget the law library is still around to help if you get stuck, so don’t forget to null.  We’ve heard from a number of you this summer and we’re happy to help. 

In that vein, I wanted to pass along a few things that might help your research go smoother this summer.  The first is an article about mastering your summer research assignments by Frank Kimball (hat tip to ZiefBrief).  He points out some useful tips for doing research this summer.  He focuses on something I think is critical–making sure you ask questions during your initial meeting with the attorney assigning the project.  The second is a column I wrote for Student Lawyer magazine called Observations for Summer Research Success.  Hopefully, some of the things I’ve seen and learned can aid you in being successful this summer.