Sometimes your research requires you to look at newspaper articles–sometimes newspaper articles that are more recent (even the week-of) and sometimes newspaper articles that are more historical. For example, a newspaper article from the 1970s from the day after a major event can be a useful source for your research.

Finding newspaper articles doesn’t have to be difficult if you are looking in the right places! Let’s go over some of the major places to look for current newspaper articles (both general and legal news) and some of the major places to look for historical newspaper articles.

Current Newspaper Articles 

  • Westlaw
  • Lexis
  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Newspaper Source Plus (EBSCO)
  • U.S. Newsstream (ProQuest)
  • Factiva
  • Law360
  • United States Law Week (Bloomberg BNA)

Historical Newspaper Articles 

  • Historical Newspapers (ProQuest)
  • Global Newsstream (ProQuest)

For further information about newspaper articles and these major places, you should check out the tab on the research tips research guide for researching newspapers (here) and/or you can look at the research guide on legal news (here). Both will also go through coverage, access, and tips on how to research efficiently and effectively in these places! As always, contact a reference librarian if you need any help!