You are probably a pretty good writer already, but writing law school essay exams is a distinct skill. A well-written exam essay will be organized and easy to grade. Law professors read lots of exams, often during the holidays, so making your answers clear is the name of the game! These ebooks in the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library may be helpful:

Sample bar exam essay questions and answers can be very useful too. Many of the subjects in law school are on the bar exam (especially the 1L subjects). I really like this ebook:

  • What Not to Write: Real Essays, Real Scores, Real Feedback (California). This book was written with California bar test takers in mind but it is also very useful for law students. The authors dissect real answers to real bar exam questions, footnoting them with comments indicating what the writer did well and where the writer could improve. Subjects include torts, evidence, contracts, property, criminal procedure, and more. There’s a Massachusetts version too.
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