The President of the United States uses Executive Orders to execute a wide variety of actions with regard to the internal operations and organization of the Federal Government as well as foreign and domestic policies. Historically, executive orders, especially those prior to 1935, have been difficult to identify and locate. These documents provide significant insight when trying to understand policy, process, and legal issues.

ProQuest’s Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations collection includes both numbered and unnumbered documents, spanning from 1789-2014. The database is easy to use and includes fully searchable PDFs. Although it is still being updated, upon completion the collection will include more than 79,000 executive orders, proclamations, directives and policy statements by American presidents including:

The Emancipation Proclamation (1863) (Lincoln)

E.O. 9066- Japanese-American Internment (1942) (F.D. Roosevelt)

E.O. 10730- National Guard ordered to enforce School Desegregation (1957) (Eisenhower)

Proclamation 4311- Nixon pardoned (1974) (Ford)

E.O. 13228- The creation of the Department of Homeland Security (2001) (G.W. Bush)