Ebook versions of popular law school study aids including Examples & Explanations, Emmanuel CrunchTime, Emmanuel Law Outlines, Glannon Guides, and Friedman’s Practice Series are now available through the BYU Law Library. To access, find the listing for the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aid Library in the A-Z Databases list on the Law Library home page. Using your BYU Law School email address, create your individual account by clicking on the black button “To Personalize Login or Create Account.” You do not have to create an individual account to access the study aids, but an individual account comes with benefits such as easier wireless and off-campus access, and the ability to take, save, and share notes and highlights with study groups. These ebooks can be downloaded, viewed as a PDF, or opened in an ereader in your web browser. Please contact Research Librarian Iantha Haight with questions or problems.