Have you seen it yet? The new faculty scholarship display (FSD) in the Memorial Lounge? It’s right by the fireplace and is on the way to the law student kitchen by the Student Commons!

The FSD was created by the BYU Law Library, under direction from Dean Moore, and features physical copies of recent BYU Law faculty publications. Most will be paperback copies of law review articles called “offprints.” Occasionally, we will have books with chapters written by faculty. For each piece of scholarship on display, there is a QR code, usually to access the scholarship electronically through SSRN (free for all), but sparingly to access it electronically through the library’s catalog or to find it on the library’s shelves.

On top of the FSD bookshelf, there are extra copies of the preprints for you to peruse. Feel free to pick one up and sit in one of the comfortable seats in that area, and read the scholarship of one of your professors.

Each month new scholarship will be displayed. For February 2024, there are works by Dean Moore, Dean Steele, Dean Asay, Professor Grow, and Professor Plamondon.

Any questions or feedback may be submitted to me at HickmanA@law.byu.edu.