A number of BYU Law faculty have posted new articles to SSRN in the last few months.  It’s been a busy spring, so I haven’t gotten around to writing about them yet.  Here’s a list of what’s new.

Jim Backman

Significant but Unheralded Growth of Large Externship Programs

Shima Baradaran

Funding Terror

Rebalancing the Fourth Amendment

Sarah Brinton

Three-Dimensional Sovereign Immunity

Toward Adequacy

Cliff Fleming

Designing a U.S. Exemption System for Foreign Income When the Treasury is Empty

Fred Gedicks

Dignity, History, and Religious-Group Rights

True Lies: Canossa as Myth

Brook Gotberg

Restructuring the Bankruptcy System: A Strategic Response to Stern v. Marshall

Alan Hurst

Hosanna-Tabor and the Exaggerated Decline of Separationism

Eric Jensen

Future War, Future Law

Guantanamo and the End of Hostilities

The Future of the Law of Armed Conflict: Ostriches, Butterflies, and Nanobots

Shawn Nevers

Transactional Law Research

The Importance of Legal Research

Gordon Smith


Michalyn Steele

Comparative Institutional Competency and Sovereignty in Indian Affairs

Lisa Grow Sun

Disaster Mythology and Availability Cascades