HeinOnline has long been a valuable source of historical legal information. Over the years, Hein has digitized state session laws and state statutes that extend to pre-statehood materials whenever possible. These historical materials can be found in the following locations in HeinOnline:

The Sessions Law Library contains the text of laws as they were originally passed by state legislatures and published in chronological order. State Statutes: A Historical Archive has digitized versions of compilations of state laws that were published with topical or alphabetical organization.

This digitized historical content has been available in HeinOnline for some time, but for the past few years Hein has been indexing all individual historical session laws down to the chapter or act level to improve findability for researchers. In good news for Utah researchers, Hein recently completed indexing all Utah territory and state session laws back to inception (1851). Researchers can now pull up individual acts or session laws with a citation (see screenshot below).

Screenshot of Session Laws Quick Locater in HeinOnline's State Session Laws Library
Screenshot of Session Laws Quick Locater in HeinOnline’s State Session Laws Library

Utah is the 39th state Hein has completely indexed, with eleven more states to go. For more information about HeinOnline’s Session Laws Library, click here to view HeinOnline’s LibGuide for that collection.