I can’t believe it’s April again.  Crazy.  And, unfortunately for students, April and law school–at least BYU Law School–mean finals.  The law librarians here know what it’s like to take law school finals and we feel for you.  We want to do everything we can to make it as painless as possible (well, everything except taking finals for you–too many bad memories).  As many of you know we offer a number of services and resources that can help with your finals prep.


Flash Cards and Sample Exams


Study Rooms

Study Guides

Quiet Study Room – 4th Floor

We are also open until 1am the two weeks before finals and the two weeks of finals (Sat. hours still end at 11pm). 

For those of you working on writing papers, the reference librarians are ready to help.  Come visit us at the reference desk or null.

Good luck!