There’s a lot more to HeinOnline than just law journals. HeinOnline has many libraries of content, ranging from U.S. Congressional and Executive documents to foreign and international law and subject-based collections like the new COVID-19: Pandemics Past & Present collection. Searching exactly the content you want is now easier due to a new feature Hein recently added.

Previously you could search all libraries in HeinOnline or select one specific libraries to search. Now, you can select a custom combination of libraries to search using the databases menu next to the search box. You can eliminate the stuff you don’t want while including only the stuff you do.

Screenshot of HeinOnline Home Page

For example, say you are looking for secondary sources on intellectual property rights, indigenous nations and traditional medicines across the globe. You could select the following combination of libraries:

  • American Indian Law Collection
  • Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP)
  • International & Non-U.S. Law Journals
  • Law Journal Library
  • Intellectual Property Law Collection
Screenshot of HeinOnline Database Selection Menu

Click the blue “Submit” button at the top of the box and you have a custom search that will help you get better results before you enter in a keyword. And if you find you need to tweak your keywords after your first try, HeinOnline remembers the databases you selected if you keep your browser window open. Just change your keywords and start again. You can start over by clicking on the databases menu and hitting “Restart.”