We live in a world where we all want articles in full text. The lack of full-text articles in the periodical indexes we subscribe to, L egalTrac and Wilson’s Index to Legal Periodicals, has caused many people to avoid them when they can. This is unfortunate because they have much to offer including the ability to find articles by subject, and in the case of Wilson’s ILP, coverage back to 1918 (Westlaw and Lexis generally only go back to the early 1980s).

Well, we’re happy to say that these indexes’ full-text problem has been solved. Now, when you find an article in LegalTrac or Wilson’s Index to Legal Periodicals you will see a link that says “Locate Full Text.” Clicking on this link will take you to one of the library’s electronic resources that contains the full-text of the article you’re looking for.

LegalTrac example

Wilson’s Index to Legal Periodicals example

With this new addition we hope you take advantage of these great resources.