I just returned from Portland, OR where I attended the annual conference of the American Association of Law Libraries. From the little I saw Portland seems like a great city. I wish I could have been there during basketball season to attend a Trailblazers game, but maybe another time.

While at the conference I heard that LexisNexis’s long-awaited revision of its “Find A Source” tool was finally up and running. “Find A Source” is a great tool that allows users to search for sources in LexisNexis. A lot of useful sources are not prominantly displayed on the main Lexis search page, making them difficult to find without “Find A Source.” However, up until now searching in “Find A Source” was frustrating as results were duplicated unnecessarily. Now, I’m happy to say, the results page looks much cleaner and users can scroll through results instead of having to page through them. As a frequent user of “Find A Source” I’m pleased with the progress.

“Find A Source” is one of the tabs on the main Search by Source page.

Here’s what the results page looks like when I search for “Moore’s Federal Practice.”