Are you looking to compare state laws on a specific topic? The library has several resources that might help you find what you’re looking for.

Richard A. Leiter, National Survey of State Laws (7th ed. 2015) provides comprehensive state-by-state comparisons of state laws on common topics you may have questions about, such as family law, the death penalty, and other topics. This is available for on-site use in the library.

Subject Compilations of State Laws, compiled by Lynn Foster, Carol Boast and Cheryl Nyberg, provides articles comparing state laws for a variety of legal issues. This is available in several volumes for dates ranging back to 1979. It is available for on-site use in the library.

Feel free to come in and use these resources for your research projects. Ask at the Reference Desk if you need help finding or using these books.

Written by: Aubri Thomas (3L)