One of the most important things about legal research is taking notes and staying organized.  It really doesn’t matter how you do it, the important thing is that you get it done.  Legal research can often be quite complex with many issues and authorities.  Finding a way to keep track of it all is important.  One of the tools that you can use to help you organize your research is LexisNexis’s CaseMap.  CaseMap is built with the feel of a spreadsheet, but is geared towards law.  Law students here at BYU can download and use it for free.  You may want to check it out and see if it’s a tool that will work for you.  Next week a CaseMap expert will be coming to BYU Law to offer trainings.  All trainings will be held in room 267 in the law library.  Here’s the schedule:

Monday, Sept. 26




Tuesday, Sept. 27